The following will explain all the keys in the configuration file config/notifynder.php


The model key: is thought for none polymorphic usecases and should contain the namespaced classname to your model that sends and receives notifications.

The polymorphic key: is a bool to let the package know if it is polymorphic or not.

The notification_model key: is made for devs that want to override the default Notification model to customize some behaviours - the value should be the namespaced classname to the notification model.


The strict_extra key: is a boolean that decides if there should be an ExtraParamsExceptionif an extra value in the template isn't present in the model or if the placeholder should just get removed.

The translation.enabled key: is a boolean that enables/disables the translation of the notification texts.

The translation.domain key: is the domain for the translation file. The translator searches for the file in resources/lang/[language]/[domain].php. This file is a normal laravel translation file.


The additional_fields.required key: is an array with additional fields that should be present in every notification.

The additional_fields.fillable key: is an array with additional fillable fields - these are fields that are added to the database and can get filled but are not required. Fields in the additional_fields.required are added automatically.

If you have something to add pls make a PR in the documentation repository: