Extend Senders

Notifynder allows you to extend it's way to deliver the notifications, for example will be the case when you are repeating your self composing a simple notification or if you want automate an action before sending.

Create Custom Sender

For create a custom sender is easy, follow the following snippet:

namespace App\Senders;

use Fenos\Notifynder\Contracts\SenderContract;
use Fenos\Notifynder\Contracts\SenderManagerContract;
class CustomSender implements SenderContract
    protected $notifications;
    public function __construct(array $notifications)
        $this->notifications = $notifications;
    public function send(SenderManagerContract $sender)
        // Do your extra logic here
        foreach($this->notifications as $notification) {
            $message = $notification->getText(); // get the parsed notification text
        return true; // or false if not successfull

Register Sender

Now let's register it in the App\Providers\AppServiceProvider as the following:

namespace App\Providers;

use App\Senders\CustomSender;
use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
    public function register()
        app('notifynder')->extend('sendCustom', function (array $notifications) {
            return new CustomSender($notifications);

Hint: you are also able to override already existing senders to adjust the default behaviour. Just register them on the same name after the NotifynderServiceProvider.

Use custom Sender

Now you are ready to send with your custom method created:


If you have something to add pls make a PR in the documentation repository: https://github.com/Astrotomic/notifynder-documentation