Extend Senders

Notifynder allows you to extend it's way to deliver the notifications, for example will be the case when you are repeating your self composing a simple notification or if you want automate an action before sending.

Create Custom Sender

For create a custom sender is easy, follow the following snippet:

use Fenos\Notifynder\Contracts\Sender;
use Fenos\Notifynder\Contracts\NotifynderSender;

class CustomSender implements Sender
    protected $notifications;

    public function __construct($notifications) 
        $this->notifications = $notifications;

    public function send(NotifynderSender $sender)
        // Do your extra logic here
        return $sender->send($this->notifications);

Register Sender

Now let's register it in the App\Providers\AppServiceProvider as the following:

Notifynder::extend('sendCustom', function($notifications,$app) {
    return new CustomSender($notifications);

Use custom Sender

Now you are ready to send with your custom method created:


If you have something to add pls make a PR in the documentation repository: https://github.com/Astrotomic/notifynder-documentation